Ventilation, dust removal and odorisation system for Sorting Plant in ZUOS Tczew

The project involved the preparation and implementation of an innovative solution to develop the ventilation system inside a sorting plant using dust removal technology together with activated carbon to neutralise odours and other toxic substances emitted by communal waste. Under the contract, the carbon insert was selected individually (mixed bed with different absorption and chemisorption parameters). The proposed installation enabled to modify the odour removing technology in accordance with the changing of physiochemical factors of air. This solution in innovative since such installation are not common in sorting plants, which have a specific, not homogenic and changeable air composition.


BIOPRO participated in the project as a subcontractor of Ecol-Unicon Sp. z o.o. and was responsible for survey, data analysis and design preparation. Biopro experts professor Lidia Wolska Ph.D. from Gdańsk Medical University, Department of Environmental Toxicology and Andrzej Staniszewski Ph.D. Eng., the author of the concept, worked on this project together with other experts.


Ecol-Unicon carried out the project under the Agreement of Innovation Partnerships signed with Zakład Utylizacji Odpadów Słatych Sp. z o.o. in Tczew.


The project was preceded by many months of surveys carried out inside the sorting plant and on its roof using a special model with activated carbon. The system was composed of 3 independent systems subdivided into 3 parts: ventilation of the sorting plant, dust removing equipment and odour neutralising device.