The development of a wastewater treatment plant for household sewage for Termy Celejów

  • Treatment of household sewage and swimming pool water.
  • A compact, modular, underground facility developed as a multi-chamber tank made of reinforced concrete, partly covered by slabs made of plastic.
  • External dimensions of the wastewater treatment plant: length: 32.55 m, width: 5.36 m, height: 3.50 m.
  • The average daily flowthrough: 125.26 m3/d (household sewage being only a quarter of the amount).
  • The side of the plant in relation to BOD5: 930 PE.
  • Apart from typical sanitary sewage, the sewage mix contains large quantities of chlorides, sulphates and sodium, coming from geothermal water used in the swimming pools and the Termy Celejów SPA.
  • The plant operates using the submerged biological system with gravity flow.
  • Treatment is done using a preliminary settling tank, two parallel, two-stage bioreactors and two secondary settling tanks.
  • Phosphorus removal is enhanced by a coagulant added to secondary settling tanks.
  • Sludge accumulates in a storage tank – a digester.
  • Considering the proximity of the recreational complex, the wastewater treatment plant has an active neutraliser that removes odorous substances from the air.
  • The correct level of impurities removal: TSS: 95%, BOD5: 97%, COD: 94%. Treated wastewater outflow is measured by an electromagnetic flow meter.


Celejów – technological scheme