Redevelopment of storm drain and sanitary sewer system on the premises of Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia

Project scope:

  • to develop a connection for the sanitary sewer system and storm drain on Customer’s premises in order to separate sanitary waste drainage from rain water and snow melt drainage. Separated wastewater will still be drained into the existing storm drain and sanitary sewer system located at ul. Komandora Jana Grudzińskiego in Gdynia (Journal of Laws No. 1621);
  • demolition of the connection to combined sewer system;
  • renovation of the steps leading to building No. 354.


This investment, at least most of it, was located within enclosed space. The permit for redevelopment of this part was given by Pomeranian Voivode. For the remaining redevelopment, the permit for redevelopment is given by Gdynia City Hall.