Project documentation – The development of PŚ Portowa pumping station together with the development of sewer network

Redevelopment of PŚ Portowa pumping station is the first stage of three in order to modernise the sewer system in Stogi, Przeróbka and Krakowiec – Górki Zachodnie residential areas in Gdańsk. The pumping station will serve as the main pumping station for collecting and removing sanitary waste from the areas.
The development of PŚ Portowa aims to simplify the already-existing sewer system, which will enable its future development and will secure further increase in the amount of wastewater to be collected, since the areas have potential for future development.


The designed facilities include:

  • a dry-well pumping station chamber;
  • gravity sewer and pumping network working together with the pumping station (clay, steel, GRP or cast iron pipes, concrete channels and chambers);
  • the building with a course screen, a hygiene and sanitation room;
  • water supply network and connection;
  • power supply for the building, the equipment and lighting of the area of the pumping station;
  • the chamber for fittings such as a gate valve, a pressure sensor and a flow sensor;
  • a retention chamber designed for wastewater inflow of 30dm3/s being 10% of the maximum operational capacity of PŚ Portowa;
  • odour neutralisation system;
  • fencing the facility;
  • developing service roads on the premises of the pumping station.