Inwentaryzacja przyrodnicza na odcinku od ul. Elbląskiej do ul. Zawodników w Gdańsku

The purpose of the project was to carry out an environmental inventory on the area to be developed located in the vicinity of the Motława River estuary between Elbląska and Zawodników streets in Gdańsk. The range of 50 m away from the redeveloped area was also researched (excluding plants and fungi). The inventory was prepared including plant communities and species of plants, animals and fungi (including the ones under protection). The aim of floral study was as specific as possible inventory of the flora and plant communities on the surveyed area. Different methods of study were adopted to different species of animals. All species found on the area were put on the area map. The first part of field research was carried out between 24-25 September 2018. The second stage was carried out in the third decade of October.