Developing port infrastructure for receiving sanitary waste from vessels in Port of Gdynia

The project involved designing a gravity-discharge sanitary sewer system for receiving sanitary waste from passenger ships, ferries and commercial ships mooring at mooring at Francuskie Quay and Polskie Quay.
Additionally, the project involved designing a retention basin, a pumping station and a wastewater monitoring system at XXVII area on Polska street.

The design includes a gravity and pumping system, with the majority of pressure pipelines, for collecting sanitary sewage discarded by passenger ships through discharge ports with maximum flow capacity of 200 m3/h with antiodour protection and using ozonisation technology. A measurement and control system installed on mobile platforms, which can easily be relocated along the quay, carry out the preliminary check of the quality and quantity of sewage discharge.


The sewage is pumped via pipelines having 1.8 and 2.5 km length by an indirect pumping station with capacity of 210 m3/h each.


Underground retention basins (buffer and equalising) of joint capacity of 1600 m3.