Design concept of HYDROFUN Educational Water Park in Cedry Wielkiem Municipality

The aim of the investment is to develop HYRDOFUN Educational Water Park in Cedry Wielkie and complex management of adjacent land of total area of approximately 1 ha. Conceptual design of the water park bases on selecting three areas: playing with water, water education and mixed purpose:

The new labyrinth encompassing larger area will replace the existing one. A fountain being its central point will be the ultimate goal to reach having completed the labyrinth.


Water jet area will have a hand pump and a large Pelton wheel. The flow of pumped water with a profiled water jet allows to have contact with water and play with it on a longer stretch of meandering course. Additionally, there will be bowls filled with water, where water can be poured from one into another using toys, containers, etc.


There will be two hills on this area. The higher hill will have multi-texture surface with profiles channels from which water can be directed to particular objects – waterwheel or Pelton wheel that will discharge water onto lower level enabling young users to comprehend basic laws of physics. A set of flaps will enable to influence the run of water and redirect it to a certain object skipping the other one. Finally, the water will run in concrete ducts to rain gardens of concrete bowls with water plants. The hills will be equipped with many additional attractions such as slides, tunnels, a climbing wall, bridges over the channel and hillocks functioning as seats.


The lower hill together with the large hill will form a naturally-looking river valley. The lower hill will also feature a transparent cylinder filled with liquid to show water levels on the Vistula River and information of incoming flood risk.


Apart from the aforementioned areas, an education shed will be developed together with sanitary facilities, where the young could benefit from all year long classes about water. This facility would be equipped with water devices to play and educate, that could be used also during winter season, when Educational Water Park would not operate.